About Us

At Spraay, we are more than just a mobile application; we are the architects of tradition and innovation. We bring cultural richness and modern convenience together to create a unique digital experience that captures the essence of Nigeria's vibrant celebrations.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to rekindle the joy of age-old traditions in a digital age. We aim to empower individuals to celebrate life's moments, express generosity, and connect with their roots, all through the convenience of their mobile devices.

Who we are

We are a passionate team of creators, innovators, and culture enthusiasts. Our diverse backgrounds and shared love for Nigeria's rich traditions drive us to redefine digital celebrations.

What Drives Us

  • Tradition:We value and respect the traditions that have brought us together over the centuries. Spray App is our way of paying homage to the spirit of money spraying.
  • Innovation:We embrace cutting-edge technology to craft an immersive, secure, and fun digital platform that allows you to bring your celebrations to life.
  • Community:We are inspired by the sense of community that comes from sharing moments of generosity and celebration with friends and loved ones.

Join the Money-Spraying Revolution

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